The BadgeTour micro-credentialing guidelines are a collection of recommendations to set and define a standard process for describing competences in a process-oriented way, taking into consideration different recognition systems (EQF, ECVET, etc.) and considering data needed for micro credentialing in the VET tourism sector. The guidelines also include descriptions on how to define relevant competences (proficiency goals and competence-based assessment criteria) and how to provide appropriate evidence required in a digital badge (metadata, properties to use, etc.).

The BadgeTour toolkit consists of Open Educational Resources for managers and trainers in the VET tourism sector. The OERs focus on the creation and use of digital badges to validate learning on behalf of trainers. VET trainers in the tourism sector can enhance their abilities and skills in recognizing competences and certifying the learning process of learners. The BadgeTour toolkit allows continuous development of human resource competences in the VET sector. The training material is available and can be used by trainers to develop and create microcredentials in the tourism sector.

In this result the partners create a training path for VET trainers and managers in the tourism sector. The training is an integral part of the projects’ strategy to improve awareness and skills of teachers and trainers in VET in implementing micro-credentialing practices. The training shall ensure an increased use of digital tools for credentialing purposes and for recognition of skills in the tourism sector. It equips the VET trainers and organisations with the know-how that is necessary to implement digital badging eco-systems within the training organisations.