The BadgeTour – VET Micro-credentialing in the Tourism Sector project  aims at boosting VET managers and trainers’ abilities and skills in recognizing competences and certifying the learning process of learners in the tourism sector through a continuous professional development training on the use of micro-credentials. 

One of the general needs of this project is the invitation of the European Commission in the 2020 EU skills agenda in order to work on the development of a shared approach to micro-credentials that guarantee qualitycross-border comparabilityrecognition and transferability!

The BadgeTour online course is formed by 5 training modules:

Module1 – Understand digital badges (Level 1: Basics)Click here

Module 2 – Set the digital badge purposes (Level 2: Purpose) Click here

Module 3- Outline a digital badge strategy (Level 3: Strategy)Click here

Module 4 – Design a badge ecosystem (Level 3: Design) Click here

Module 5 – From Programmatic to systemic change (Level4: Change)Click here

For each Module, you will have to complete a set of activities,quizzez and final tests that will help you develop key competences for integrating micro-credentials in your learning offer for the tourism sector.

Through a levelling-up approach, you will be able to earn first unit badges (micro-badge) and then Module badges (meta-badge).

After gaining all the Module badges you will receive the BadgeTour Expert badge and add it to your favourite e-portofolio/badge backpack.

Are you ready to begin?