The BadgeTour project partners met for the fouth international meeting in Oulu, Finland on May 11th 2023. The goal was to discuss about the project results in progress and, particularly, on the BadgeTour Toolkit and Training path. For this purpose, partners analysed the different elements forming the BadgeTour Training Platform ( soon available on the project website) housing the 5 training modules:

  • Module 1 – Understand digital badges
  • Module 2 – Set the digital badge purposes
  • Module 3- Outline a digital badge strategy
  • Module 4 – Design a badge ecosystem
  • Module 5 – From programmatic to systemic change

The BadgeTour online course will rely on Moodle built-in digital badges platform and will provide learners with main concepts, case studies and hands-on activities on micro-credentials and open badges for the tourism sector. This training path guides learners through a levelling-up approach that includes unit and module badges to be earned after successfully completing all the activities.

The module structure, situation-based scenarios and exercises for tourism professionals collected by partners were also discussed. Moreover, as pivotal component of the project, the BadgeTour Training path was analysed with the aim of delivering a clear, accessible and easy to use document. This guide will help VET trainers and teachers interested in implementing open-badge driven learning offers and spread the used of micro-credentials in VET at systemic level.

This fourth international project meeting gave the chance to the BadgeTour consortium to brainstorm on improvements and future adaptations of the training online material which will undergo a national pilot testing phase next autumn, between the months of September and October 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates! Check our the BadgeTour Facebook page and LinkedIn group!

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