The final transnational project meeting of BadgeTour – VET Micro-credentialing in the Tourism Sector took place in Fano, Italy on November 16th 2023. During the meeting, partners shared the main achievements on the activities carried out in the last months of the project.

The host organization was the project coordinator, Training 2000. Partners representing Mindshift, INFODEF, OAMK, SBTC and SUPSI joined the meeting in presence . The aim of the final meeting was to finalize the project results and brainstorm on possible implementation scenarios at local and international level.

After introducing each agenda item, Kylene and Sara from Training 2000 presented the overall situation of the BadgeTour toolkit (R2) formed by 5 training modules on the BadgeTour Training Platform (Moodle LMS). During the last months, partners adapted the OER-based training material from English to their national languages, namely Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish and Turkish. This process also included the implementation of digital badges on 3 different levels, at learning unit level (micro-badges for each unit of learning), at module level (Basic, Purpose, Strategy, Design and Change) and at course level (the BadgeTour Expert meta-badge). Each partner designed their micro and meta-badges and the related metadata (information about learning and achievements stored inside the badge image) in line with the BadgeTour Competence Map (R3).

Approaching to the end of the project also means gathering feedback from VET trainers in each partner country and implementing the necessary changes to improve each project results. Partners are finalizing the pilot testing phase with 10 VET trainers. Particularly, the testers will evaluate the training toolkit in terms of relevance and quality of the training material, of the training programme and methodology. The BadgeTour project development is strictly connected to the VET trainers testing results as they shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of the project results.

Finally, partners focused on the project dissemination and sustainability activities to be carried out. The majority of the partners already organized multiplier events for the BadgeTour project ( Italy, Turkey and Finland) which highlighted a strong interest towards verifiable digital credentials and open badges. This trend is supported by recent developments introduced by the European Digital Credentials for Learning which can be used to create/display learning achievements on Europass in a standard format.

As for the BadgeTour project sustainability, a key element to consider in future adaptation of the project results is the methodological handbook included in the BadgeTour Training Path (R3). The handbook equips VET trainers and organisation with knowledge and skills to use and implement each project results within their training organisations.

The BadgeTour Training Platform is available in 6 languages (EN,IT,PT,ES,FI,TR) on the project website. If you are a VET manager or trainer working in the tourism sector and want to gain key knowledge and skills on micro-credentials and digital badging systems, contact us!

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